There is very limited equipment required to do this program and the good news is that it can be done virtually anywhere.  All you need are two sets of resistance bands (light and heavy) and a stability ball.  If you are able to do pull ups then a pull up bar is a good item to have. Also, a couple of dumbbells and a jump rope are recommended but not required. 


These items can be found in a wide variety of places, from a specialty sports store to a grocery megastore, and with a wide variety of brands that range from big household names to plain white labels.  Make sure that the first parameter of comparison when you’re purchasing your equipment is safety.  Even though most of these items look alike and can be perceived as “generic”, try to find the ones that offer features that can prevent you from hurting yourself while exercising.


Resistance Bands

These can also be known as “exercise bands” or “resistance tubes”.

What you need:  Resistance levels vary normally available in increments of 5 lbs.  For women, we recommend 5, 15 and 25 pounds for light, medium and heavy resistance.  For men, 10, 20, and 30 pounds respectively.  Start at a level where you feel confident, and jump to the next one when you’re ready.  We recommend the ones with foam grips.

Desired features: This product is made of rubber, which means it can snap if you misuse it.  Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Choose bands that have a security mechanism inside it (like an inner tube) so that if it snaps, it doesn’t whip back and hurt you.  You also need a door anchor/connector to attach the band too, this will make it easier to perform your exercises and will keep the bands in the right position.  Door attachments live this have a safety stop that inserts through the hinged side or top of a door to create a secure anchor while exercising.


Stability Ball

These can also be known as “fitness balls” or “exercise balls”.

What you need:  Choose a ball which diameter corresponds to your height, according to the following table:

5’3” or less:  55 cm

5’4” – 6’0”:  65 cm

6’1”and up:  75 cm

Desired features:  Make sure that it has a security feature that prevents it from exploding and going flat if it’s punctured, that way you won’t hit the floor if this happens.  However, they can resist weights of 500-1000 lbs, so don’t be afraid.  These balls normally come deflated.  You may want to find a ball that comes with an air pump, as you might need it not only for initial inflation, but to keep it fully inflated during your workouts. 


Pull-Up Bar

There’s a couple of types that you can choose from, one that requires some basic installation, and another one that doesn’t.  These can also be known as “chin-up bars”. 

What you need:  We recommend the one in the photo, with hanging handles and foam grips.  Make sure you check the manufacturer’s information on the weight limit for the bar you choose.

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