Bonus Materials

Congratulations on your purchase of MaxT3, and welcome to our exclusive bonus materials pages. Below you will find three bonus workout videos available only to MaxT3 members. And don't forget to visit the bonus nutrition page by clicking the link to the right. On this page you will find essential information on nutrition for fitness as well as healthy recipes provided by the MaxT3 program. Thank you for becoming part of the MaxT3 experience, now go achieve maximum results!

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Bonus: Max T3 Head to Toe:  Whole Body Workout With Equipment

If you are pressed for time or on the go and have access to the appropriate equipment then this workout will challenge your fitness from head to toe. This is also a great work out to do just to mix things up and create even more diversity to the program. This whole body workout is great to add in because it is very functional in nature and incorporates many multi-joint movements.  This workout can be done in conjunction with the other whole body bonus workout: MaxT3 On the Go in an alternating fashion to create a complete full body workout regimen. It is recommended that whole body workouts be done on a three day a week schedule. This will allow for appropriate recovery time.

Bonus: Max T3 On the Go:  Whole Body Workout - No Equipment Necessary

This is the perfect workout when you are traveling, have no access to equipment, and/or limited space and time.  In other words, this is the the NO EXCUSE workout.  You will get an upper body, lower body, core, and burst workout all wrapped up in one.  It is incredibly simple yet ridiculously intense using just your body weight.   Again, good luck.  


Bonus: Six Minute Six Pack

This is your six minute workout to rock hard abs. It is fast paced, high intensity, and includes 12 non-stop, core crunching exercises. This can be added at the end of any of the maxT3 workouts or it can be done on its own. It is also recommended that the Six Minute Six Pack workout be done no more than 3 times per week, with a recovery day between each of the abdominal workouts. Good luck!